In Her Memory

Like a flying bird her heart is free

From all the vices the world may see

Those moist lips; akin morning dew,

Hail before me in a smile so sweet,

Wooed me to love, alas! I cannot retreat!


Hard to forget, longing to endure,

Her heavenly love so hidden and pure.

Rather live a day with her,

To live alone for eternity!

She formed the essence of my ecstasy.


Weak is the vessel bound to her soul,

Some things in this world are not easy to console.

Without a hint she carries on,

She has it her way and wins it all,

Basking in glory, heedless of fall.


Her voice to me is a melodious wind chime,

Listening to it I forget the sands of time.

They say I am in love and maybe senile,

Care not I for she is my light,

With her I can walk through hell with a smile.


Forget her I must- She cannot be mine,

Thus I dedicate to her these few lines,

. Hope she embarks on a glorious future,

May her noble spirit never falter,

Memory within memory she will be etched forever.


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