Four Dogs and a Monkey

With eyes akin to an innocent convicted,

They gaze at you, thy defenses evicted.

Wagging and drooling, jumping and cuddling,

Come they to you, ‘How do you do?’

Effect as such can produce humans few.


Adamant than the most unyielding men,

Conquering thy room, they make it their den!

Amidst growls and scratches spent the days,

Yet, how lovely aren’t they?

To their mild affection, all fall prey.


And then came our cousin, small and fair,

Behold his gentility! Hark his funny hair!

Prowling about all over the sanctuary,

Established he has a zoo at home,

Free are his spirits! Free is he to roam!


The four, au contraire, were not easy to please,

For the little one hopped around in a playful tease?

Pulling and pushing, to kill time troubling!

‘Stay away boy! We despise thee!’, said Jeanie, Elfie and Pixie,

Scotch never spoke to the little one, a little afraid was He.


How will this tale end, knows not my soul,

Yet I shall sit back and watch the tape roll.

It’s pouring outside, ominous yet beautiful,

The storm is settling, the blue sky clearing,

Look for the sun! -there is always the silver lining.


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