A Brief Spell of Freedom

Walked the path he ne’er dreamed of,

Of friendship and love; A persistent emotional cough!

The flower bloomed and the shell was broken-

Happened for the good, perhaps?

Windows and doors were laid bare open.


How it felt to sleep long?- Knew he not,

In the heat of all the organized chaos that he was caught!

Past the moon and stars he held his fort-

‘Soon it will end!’, ushered his soul,

With the first light it was time to roll!


Thence came the three dozen new,

Equally unknowing with experiences few.

Perplexed was his mind, unsure was his heart-

But Fate had fulfilled her duty!

Finally, he was quite despaired to part.


The days flew bye, came then the end,

Along with all the reserved tears to spend.

Beautiful it was, and an experience too!

Wilt he see them again?-Knew he not,

They were more than just allies and prosaic crew!


Odd throughout was this 17 year old,

He took back to his haven numerous tales untold.

Paths of Time can leave one weary and wise-

Lies there a treasure in the near pale future?

The fun’s dismissed!Forward the noble disguise!



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