The Unexpected Descent

I was at the beach enjoying some quality time with my friends. I was sipping on some lovely watermelon juice, allowing my body to harness the warmth of the sun shining down on us all. All about us, others were  also savoring the moment. Suddenly, almost akin to an evil spell of a malicious conjurer, the sky turned dark and black clouds covered the sky, shutting out all light. The weather turned pale and gloomy. Our faces withered, the happiness draining out just like the warmth which had left my body along with the sun.

But this was not the end of it. Hail began to descend upon us in a fury that got everyone up and running for shelter. People rushed out of the water as if a leviathan had entered the shallow waters of the sea. The hailstones were thick and heavy, blasting into the sand, hurling it upwards. My friends and I were far away from the water and were able to hurry to shelter at once. And lucky we were, for those unfortunate enough to experience the onslaught of the hailstorm did not fare well. Many covered their heads with their hands to neglect the impact of the hail. Yet some, were too late to act: I witnessed a man get hit by a particularly huge hailstone and he fell face down into the sand. He did not get up.

Those running about were courteous enough to lift him up and drag him towards shelter, despite the danger of being pecked by the hail.

A dog came running towards our shack. He hopped right besides me, wet and slightly bruised. No one attempted to kick him out and almost welcomed him! This reminded me of Lord of The Rings, and was reminded of Peregrin Took, and how he must have felt as he stood by ‘the edge of doom, unable to do anything about it’. 

The sea seemed to be shimmering as the hailstorm intensified. It was cold and damp now, and the landscape nothing but black and white. Yet it was as beautiful as nature could get. Even in its fury it revealed a majesty unparalleled and not called for, loud and commanding, bending its will against humanity. I stood still and watched, taking in all the wonder as others around me lamented their ill fate.

It was but a passing storm and soon the sky cleared. The sun bathed the beach and the sea once again in its jubilant charisma. Birds flew above in circles, celebrating the passing of a calamity, and so did we- resuming what we were anyway doing before the storm. 


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