Towards the summit, against the storm and the wind and obstacles within.

There was once a boy who would suffer from frequent bouts of extraordinary inspiration. His early years were spent in failure and despair, shadowed by those who surpassed him and reached his goal before he could even see it. He dreamed beyond hope, always trying to be what he knew in his heart he could not. Efforts and repeated lessons were in vain. Defeat was turning out to be an everyday affair. 

He realized, with time, that the only way he could succeed, was to summon all the strength and will within, whether by prayer or force. And so he set his eyes on a target and began to prepare for the dream that may one day be realized.

The path was rickety, thin and hoarded with obstacles, and every time he tied his shoe laces and set out into the downpour to train, he felt discouraged at just how far the road still lay- seemingly endless, and at the end of it he envisioned nothing but the endless expanse of darkness.He keeps on running, his mind focused on his goal and heart beating more fierce than he had previously known, the wet damp earth splashing with each step, the beads of perspiration streaming down his neck, his eyes looking straight at the spreading landscape before him. 

There are times when a voice speaks to him from out of the depths of his mind, ‘Why do you trouble yourself with such reckless pursuits? Is it not a fool’s errand to try and grasp something so far out of reach? Stop now, and turn back. Go no further!’.

It makes sense to him. His heart feels as if it would break free from its cage, his legs feel a burden so heavy that they threaten to collapse with every step, and his lungs cry for relief from the strain and the heat and the lack of life. And then, he remembers his dream, tries to imagine what it would feel like to have billions watch his progress as he competes in the greatest quest ever witnessed, and if won, what it would feel like at that very moment: a warrior vanquishing his foes, earning the glory so long sought and the respect of friends and foes and family. And his soul says unto him, ‘Don’t you give up now, even if it kills you!’. 

This is all that it takes, and he takes that extra stride, puts in the extra effort, and sports that out of the blue smile. And upon finishing for the day, he feels like he made the right choice. He feels that he did not let himself down. He feels a little closer to his dream And with that happy thought, he goes home, preparing for another day of requited effort and hard work. 


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