How do you counter despair?

Many a times people find themselves in a sticky situation. All is going well, until the sky turns dark for your soul and a thunderstorm devours your mind while your heart feels stuck in a swamp of negativity. Yes, my friend, I am talking about the moment when you loose all hope.

You must have felt yourself at loss of words when your efforts do not pay off and all your hopes are in vain. You feel frustrated and foolish that you ever thought of trying to achieve your goal and having suffered failure it you berate yourself and curse yourself away to damnation.

 I have felt that myself. Time and again I have become demotivated to even get up, put on my shoes and go for a run because when I am about to begin, I think, ‘Jesus! Three miles to go!’. And then coping with the pressure of trying to run those three miles in the best time possible! It gets frustrating when you are not able to beat your previous timing. The gloomy weather along with the damp soil does not help cheer my soul. None the less, I manage to applaud myself for the effort and decide to give it a better shot tomorrow.

A few days ago I came across a new feeling that was quite unexpected. For some reason I was unable to complete my daily quota of three miles and I stopped after only 1.7 miles, my legs weak due to pain and my lungs out of breath. I could no more command my nerves and sinew to carry me forward- The pain was just too much to bear! I was frustrated and began to curse myself for being weak and being incompetent enough to run three miles. I decided to quit running that very day.


I remember being agitated throughout the morose evening. The warm shower calmed me down a little, but I felt like having a go at my house walls. Instead, I decided to watch Forrest Gump. I had downloaded that movie a few weeks ago and did not know when to watch it. I was busy being a bad kid watching Breaking Bad instead.  

I never knew what to expect from the movie, but truthfully, it ignited my soul once more. Watching that kid in leg braces, breaking free of them, running thousands of miles across the United States just because he felt like running and forever finding hope in despair and joy in the little that he was given, I was inspired!

That movie certainly taught me a lot. 

Human beings are frail creatures, insecure about the world and fearful of the might of Nature and the harsh realities of life. As Forrest said, ‘We may be destined to float around forever’, and yes we might just be! Time given to us is short. There are so many joys and pleasures to be had, but in equality are the life sapping sorrows and sufferings. We cannot change what was taken from us or what was given to us, but we can shape our perspective and initiate a change to live every moment to the best of its ability to serve our memory as long as it permits. 


As for myself, I decided to continue running and never give up on my dreams. If Forrest could do so much with so many inhibitions and obstacles, why can’t you also go forward and do something great in life?


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