There And Back Again

Of fair elves and evil goblins,
Sturdy dwarves and wicked dragons.
To end comes the tale of a courageous hobbit,
As was foreseen, it will be a box office hit!

Esgaroth gave Thorin’s company the leave,
To plunder the mountain like noble thieves.
Unknowing were they; The dragon was yet living,
In slumber deep; On his treasure waiting.

Dwarves he knew; But to him was foreign,
Shire and little hobbits; Lucky Bilbo Baggins!
Wit and humor and generous flatter,
Pleased the dragon; As did his stammer.

Great was Smaug; He sensed the gold,
An ancient evil; Bright and cold.
The hobbit vanished; Smaug was awake!
He roared aloud; He flew towards the lake.

The Lonely Mountain cried aloud,
In the light of the moon and the heavenly shroud.
Esgaroth awakened; It Feared and Wondered,
An old memory and the King was remembered.

A mad king and his rightful throne,
The dwarvish pride and the Arkenstone.
Fire and woe shall befall Esgaroth,
Erstwhile, a great battle shall be fought.


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