Killing Responsibility

Working for an entity with your utmost devotion can be an amazing journey. There is much to learn and new heights to reach. Occasionally though, one may face a hurdle that threatens to not only take toll on your personal time, but also stain the image of the entity you are so devotedly working for. Quite frankly, it is frustrating.

Here’s a brief idea about my situation:

An international intern working at a prestigious institute here left half way through her internship due to some ridiculous personal reason. She had committed to an internship at this institute, with all formalities completed and agreements signed. She was working at the institute on a year-long business visa procured for the sake that she is working with the institute. As it turns out, her whereabouts are currently unknown and is probably doing all she wants to along with her friend, and could be anywhere in the Indian subcontinent, and if anything goes amiss the blame would fall upon the institute. The responsibility falls upon me as well to inform the authorities of this development. Also, the intern is no more answering to any phone calls or text messages.

When I was informed of this problem, the first question that came to my mind was, ‘How can she do that?’.

I think that in the professional world, it is really important to maintain a code of conduct and behave responsibly, especially when you are working and living in another country for a year. You are not only representing your own interests, but the interests of the institute you are working at and the organization/company that has helped you get that internship and the image of your nation as well. Personal problems unless extremely grave give one no reason for absconding like a criminal. I will not mention what problem the intern faced, but it was quite silly if I may say so.

Such situations get me musing about the human nature. Being intellectual beings, does not our intellect be the one governing our actions? Perhaps, sometimes, our emotions and feelings are so powerful and important to us that it often comes in the way of logic, enabling us to be unwise. Yet, even situations involving emotions can be handled with logic and reasoning, and a personal issue is no reason for the killing of responsibility.

Have you ever come across such a situation at your workplace or in your life?


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