Changing Your Perspective

This morning, I was trying to fix my spectacles frame.

After many tedious minutes of concentration and unsuccessful attempts to fix it, I vocally expressed frustration and in a moment of slight naive agitation, I cursed my poor eyesight. I decided to wait until I got them fixed by my optometrist.

A few minutes ago, I read an incredibly story of a woman who is now in her mid thirties. When she was eighteen years old, she was diagnosed with a disease which would deteriorate her eyesight, eventually leading to complete blindness. She was your typical teenager who goes to college: Ambitious, career oriented and oblivious of the beautiful world. But after the diagnosis, she began to reflect upon her life and her perspective changed. She was no more that career driven girl who wanted a high paying job. When on a vacation to Bali, she discovered her wanderlust.

Today, she is married and travels the entire world with her husband, clicking pictures and enjoying the little things in life. And you know what’s more? She considers herself lucky. She considers herself lucky to be able to simply smell amazing things and eat amazing food, and be with her husband in distant parts of the world that were previously unknown.

There are many things about her perspective that I agree to, and a few which I do not. But her story inspired me to change my perspective. I feel grateful for having normal eyes, even if they do not have crystal clear vision without external aid. I am grateful for having parents with whom I have traveled most of my beautiful country, a sister with whom I saw the beauty of UK and the ability to have every aspect of my life normal and my twisted(nothing horrifying, I swear) perspective towards certain things.

I am going to travel as much of the world I can before my time comes to an end, probably meet many of you fellow bloggers too! I would love to meet Lara one day, if only to thank her for inspiring me!

That’s the link to the story.

I hope you too are inspired by Lara’s story!


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