The One Amazing Creation Of Mankind

I believe that music is one thing which humanity has created that is beautiful beyond measure.

Everyone has a different taste in music. That includes me. If one were to ask me, ‘What kind of music do you like?’, I would perhaps reply saying: ‘The one that appeals to me’.

I don’t in particular listen to a definite genre. I do detest a few genres like dubstep and metal.

I listen to a lot of motion picture soundtracks from the likes of The Lord Of The Rings and anime soundtracks. Also, I listen to Beethoven, specifically the one produced by The London Symphony Orchestra.I consider the following ten songs to be the most soulful/appealing/harmonious that I have ever heard;

1. The Crooked Kind by Radical Face.

The song above is perhaps the most harmonious song I have ever listened to.

2. Winding Road by Porno Graffitti [Japanese]

I do not understand Japanese but due to watching so much of anime, I have come across some really good Japanese artists. I believe you don’t have to understand the lyrics to feel the essence of music.

3. I Will Wait by Mumford And Sons

Definitely one of the best I have ever heard. The cello version of the song by the duo 2Cellos is fantastic!

4. Khwaja Mere Khwaja by A.R. Rahman [Hindi]

The above song is from a very renowned movie of the Indian Cinemas.

5. American Pie by Don McLean

This song was one of the first English songs I listened to and one of the best to come out of the previous century.

6. Fall At Your Feet by Crowded House

There is something quite heartfelt about the way Neil Finn sings that song.

7. White Walls by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

When I listen to this song I feel sort of nostalgic. One of the coolest songs I have ever heard!

8. Free Falling by Tom Petty

Listen to this and forget your worries for 4 minutes of pure bliss!

9. Jubel by Klingande

This is my favorite song from the electronic genre.

10. Now We Are Free by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard

The most soulful song in the world. I almost feel spiritually enlightened when I listen to this in drop dead silence. If I die listening to this song, I will die a happy death.

Feel free to comment! 😀


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