Rewinding Time

Scientifically speaking it is impossible to rewind time. Time travel is, as we know it by our modern scientific theories, impossible. I look at time as an inspiration. Sure, it is a battle that everything and everyone has to fight. No one can cheat Time. Only Gravity can bend time to its will.

What I mean by ‘Rewinding Time’ is simply going back to doing something you would do in the past.

For me, I regret leaving my taekwondo after my 1st degree Black Belt. I also regret not studying hard enough to get better marks. I regret not taking the initiative to learn the violin when I was a young child and I regret not being consistent in my writings. A recent regret: I regret being ignorant about Art when I visited London in 2013. That story shall be told in another post.

Bottom line- everything happens for a reason, right? So I have been getting back to things I have been doing in the past. Starting with taekwondo and now blogging. I do not remember the last time I wrote, but it sure does feel good to be back!

What is that one thing for which you would ‘rewind your time’ ?


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