Our Universal Fear

If you were to ask yourself the question, ‘What do I fear the most?’, what would you come up with?


Losing your loved ones?


Well, I have come to conclude that everyone has their own fears. Everyone has their own fears to battle. Yet, there there is one element feared by all human beings.

The future.

We live our everyday lives in anticipation of the future. Most of the decisions that we make in our life are in an effort to realize the future that we envisioned for ourselves. Of course, many give up on their dreams and live a life less than they are capable of. But even on the smaller scale, we do make decisions based on the future. The kind of mate we choose, the education we seek, taking language classes, making an effort to write a novel, posting a picture on social media, etc. Every action of our’s has a purpose. And purpose lies in the time to come. Hence we commit actions based on the future we envision.

Most of us give in to the grim future that is so obtrusive. Economy is suffering, the environment is degrading, the competition increasing along with the population… everything is getting saturated in the negative light. Eventually we all realize that there will come a time when this planet will be too saturated with humans and the consequences of their actions. This is the long term bigger picture.

Even our smaller pictures are not very colorful. The future for most of us is not exactly splendid. Even less for those who come after us.

On a personal note, I will soon be pursuing Bachelors in Mass Communication. But I too fear the future and what’s to come. Certain questions that plague my mind:

Will I be able to make it through as a successful documentary film maker?

Is there any hope for this line of work in my country or abroad?

What are the risks associated with making a successful eye opening documentary?

You may or may not have been in my shoes at one point in time when you considered the above questions. To be frank, I do not know if my actions and decisions will bear fruit in the future. Yet, one cannot keep thinking. Because even if we pause, time does not, and with every ticking second we either get closer to the future we dream of or move away from it.

On the good note, there are some really awesome things we all have to look forward to, yes? I like to think that my actions will surely result in a meaningful future if carried out with good intentions. I hope to make documentaries that will inspire people and that I would one day travel the world exploring and documenting.

Does your future hold more of serenity or more of anxiety?


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