Vices of The Previous Night

Did you ever wake up in the morning feeling like crap because you never slept well?

Ever felt like cursing yourself for willing your mind to be awake when fully aware of the essentials to go to be early?

Perhaps, is it both the above?

I had given my word to myself that I would not expose my eyes to white light from laptop and cell phones or any other electronic gadget at least one and half hour before sleeping. i have done this many times, and even found the effect of avoiding gadgets before going to bed extremely beneficial for our health and well being. For those who are  not aware, exposing yourself to this kind of light ruins your sleep cycle by keeping you awake. Over time, your body becomes used to it, almost like a drug. Most people get sleep that they think is good sleep, but in reality, their bodies and minds are conditioned to it, like a drug. Once you get used to using gadgets before sleeping, a pattern sets in and it gets quite difficult to break it. Often, strong remorse or personal introspection is needed to correct this.

I have tried many times in the past to break this habit of mine. I even gave myself my word that I would not, under any circumstance, use gadgets post 9 PM. Yet, I forgot my vows and I repeated the same mistake. Last night, I was busy watching ‘The Great Gatsby’ until 2 AM in the night. A brilliant movie! It left me feeling all hopeful and dreamy about life. Yet, when I awoke in the morning, I felt like I had been in the boxing ring the previous night. The feeling of fatigue and the deep dark circles reminded me of my folly.

I am going to again try and implement my decision to quit using gadgets before sleeping.

Hopefully, this time, I would be successful in evolving my decision into a regular habit.


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