Best Sitcom Ever

I am sure you have your own favorite sitcom to which you are hideously loyal. You have shed tears while watching that sitcom, have related to some of the characters, hell, even had sweet dreams about some of the characters.

Like you, I too have a sitcom that has made me experience a wide range of emotions and even change me a little bit.

The brilliance of this sitcom has inspired me to write the following poem!

Every episode of this sitcom was shrouded in mystery,
Believe it or not, every one of them was an allegory.
A plot that was intense, dark and mind boggling,
With every stage, it became more confounding.
One was a surgeon of extreme conscience and skill,
Then was an angel on the run for a kill.
A war veteran plagued by his horrific past,
A con man who'd do anything to survive, anything to last.
Then there was the father, son and the little dog,
An obese man with nothing to lose, loads to hog!
A Korean woman who hides a little secret,
From her husband too- who does nothing but fret.
Finally, a bald man who found renewed faith,
All these and more characters are connected by fate.
What will they do? How will their future be shaped?
Stranded on an island, lost, unable to escape?

If you have not guessed it yet, the sitcom is LOST. 


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