Trip To Berlin

Travel is an experience that inspires you and introduces you to realities you might have never even imagined. More than anything, it changes you as a person. This is a post nearly a month too late than it deserves, but I hope that it would give you an insight into my experiences. I traveled to Berlin in the mid of June and for me, the experience was revolutionary for the mind and the soul.

If you want to experience History in the modern times, glimpse the horrors of the past preserved and unaltered, and understand a little bit more about the various colors of humanity, then Berlin is the place to go to.

If you want to admire the courage of a nation that embraces its past and encourages people to explore it so that atrocities of that kind may not be repeated again, Berlin is the place to go to.

If you want to appreciate art that is severely underrated but is outstanding in its own respect, Berlin is the place to go to.


Culture, history, science, technology, progress, positivism, ingenuity and of course- the fabled efficiency. Berlin has everything that makes it the ideal city to live in. So you might be wondering what does Berlin look like to a guy from India?

The weather is lovely. There is barely any pollution and the air is so clean that you are motivated to spend time outdoors. I traveled all over Berlin, on foot and by the public transport system, and there was not once that I rued being out exploring. Whether it was burning hot or uncomfortably wet, I could feel the energy in me linger with every step I took.

I visited the famous museums of art and history and those that recounted tales of the Holocaust and its victims. I visited its parks and I experienced the freedom of having a German Pilsner in the middle of the street. I visited a concentration camp.

To be quite frank, I don’t think that any of my travel experiences have left such an impression on me as my Berlin trip. Then again, half the experience of any kind is created by the people you share it with, and I thank my sister and brother in law for that!

In the upcoming posts, I shall be describing the individual experiences in details with pictures! I think that would give you a better insight into what Berlin is truly like! And you NEED to know what Berlin offers to you. Because Berlin is a city of remembrance and inspiration. And there is no other city like it.

Have a good day!


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