Unexpected Encounters

Have you ever had an unexpected encounter with someone and you got more out of the conversations than you thought possible?


Mozart’s Concerto For Oboe in C Major

I had the opinion of Mozart of having composed pieces that were far from mellow and loud like Don Giovanni. This simply showed my lack of understanding of Mozart and his works. It was at a recent concert in my city duringĀ  the Arties Music Festival hosted by theĀ  Poona Music Society at Mazda Hall … Continue reading Mozart’s Concerto For Oboe in C Major

Escaping Anomie

Emile Durkheim was the first one to study this concept. While it related to a state where societies underwent social change with the absence of any guidelines and expectations from the people, it has evolved to become a part of society that has chaos within order. This is specific to the age and times we … Continue reading Escaping Anomie