Here is a list of all the things I want to do along my journey!

  • Write a novel
  • Write good quality literature that is read by and inspires millions
  • Run a marathon
  • Run 5k within 20 minutes
  • Do a professional trek in the Himalayas
  • Have a dog for a best friend
  • Find Eureka
  • Do a front flip
  • Hone my cooking skills to a respectable level
  • Live in another country with random people for at least a month
  • Experience the Northern Lights
  • Swim in the pool of a large waterfall
  • Learn to ride horses
  • Visit Russia
  • Live in Sweden for at least a week
  • Visit Croatia
  • Have a friend from every continent
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit France
  • Live in Japan during the Cherry blossom festival in Spring
  • Own a katana sword
  • Live in another country
  • Stage my own art exhibition
  • Run and survive an ultra-marathon
  • Pursue higher education in Europe
  • Publish a novel
  • Do something for the cause of Animal Rights
  • Join an NGO (AIESEC! :D)
  • Finish reading 100 novels
  • Learn to adeptly play an instrument (Learning to play the violin right now!)
  • Design a tattoo for myself
  • Spend a night, under the sky, in a place where there are no lights for miles around.
  • Figure out what to do with life. (Mission Impossible)

Until the next update…


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